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Accumetrics, Inc.
Accumetrics, Inc. is an innovative developer and manufacturer of diagnostic instrumentation and test kits located in Sorrento Valley. The company is committed to advancing medical understanding of platelets and enhancing quality of care for patients at a risk of cardiovascular disease by providing industry-leading diagnostic tests for platelet function assessment. The company developed the VerifyNow™ System, the first, simple and accurate system for measuring the individual response to multiple antiplatelet agents. Addressing every major antiplatelet drug, including FDA-cleared products for aspirin, Plavix®, ReoPro®, and Integrilin® the VerifyNow™ System provides a valuable tool to help guide treatment decisions.
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Alereon, Inc.
Alereon, Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company using revolutionary ultrawideband (UWB) radio technology to develop high-bandwidth, low-power, low-cost Wireless USB and WiMedia UWB chipsets that are ideal for today’s personal computer and portable products, including digital cameras, Mp3 players, and cell phones. Alereon’s mission is to replace the complex tangle of wires that interconnect today’s electronic devices with wireless links.
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Apollo Endosurgery
Apollo Endosurgery, Inc.
Apollo Endosurgery, Inc. is an interventional medical device company focusing on "natural orifice" procedures. Also known as transgastric endoscopy (TGE), the field promises to revolutionize minimally invasive surgery, allowing for the first time scarless surgical procedures conducted by entering the peritoneal cavity through a hole in the stomach. With this new portal, a new class of procedures can be developed for the treatment of obesity, reflux, and general surgical procedures in the peritoneal cavity. The company is based on the intellectual energy of the Apollo Group -- widely known as the world's most respected thought leaders in therapeutic endoscopy and in minimally invasive surgery.

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Asuragen, Inc.
Asuragen, Inc. is a fully integrated diagnostics company focused on molecular oncology and early detection of cancer, with emphasis on microRNA. Asuragen’s current diagnostic product portfolio consists of Signature® Genetic Testing and Oncology Testing products, as well as industry leading controls and standards engineered using its patented Armored RNA® technology. Asuragen is dedicated to developing new technologies that will become cutting edge clinical products. In addition to being empowered with high level scientific expertise, Asuragen has a strong business infrastructure, GLP testing services and an established cGMP manufacturing facility that allows it to span the spectrum of discovery, testing, production, and commercialization.
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BioForm Medical, Inc. (NASDAQ: BFRM)
BioForm Medical, Inc. (NASDAQ: BFRM) is a medical aesthetics company dedicated to bringing doctors and their patients safe and effective products for use in the dermatology, plastic surgery, and ear, nose and throat (ENT) markets. BioForm’s products include Radiesse®, a long-lasting filler for use in facial aesthetics and vocal fold insufficiency, and Coaptite® for treating female stress urinary incontinence. Additionally, BioForm has licensed U.S. marketing rights to Aethoxysklerol®, the worldwide leading sclerotherapy agent, which is currently being evaluated in a Phase III clinical trial. BioForm has also licensed BioGlue, a new surgical adhesive product for plastic surgery applications, which is being developed in a partnership with CryoLife, Inc.
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BioMimetic Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: BMTI)
BioMimetic Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: BMTI) is developing and commercializing bio-active recombinant protein-device combination products for the healing of musculoskeletal injuries and disease, including orthopedic, spine and sports injury applications. BioMimetic received marketing approval from the FDA for its first product, GEM 21S®. The company's product and lead product candidates all combine recombinant protein therapeutics with tissue specific scaffolds to actively stimulate tissue healing and regeneration.
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BioSurface Engineering Technologies, Inc.
BioSurface Engineering Technologies, Inc. (“BioSET”) is developing proprietary therapeutic peptides for incorporation into medical devices to improve bone and soft tissue repair. BioSET's synthetic peptides are bioactive mimetics of growth factors that continue to show promising results in studies for the treatment of musculoskeletal, vascular, and chronic wound diseases. The company intends to capitalize on the growing interest in drug/device combination products and seeks to initiate studies of these combination products in human clinical trials.
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Cameron Health, Inc.
Cameron Health, Inc., a development stage medical device company, is creating the next generation of implantable electronic device utilizing state-of-the-art technologies. The company is comprised of a team of specialized, high technology, creative individuals with decades of experience in solving difficult medical problems. The current target is the development of a family of devices that will afford patient treatment that has been, until now, unattainable with the current therapeutic modalities and technologies.
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Cardiva Medical, Inc.
Cardiva Medical, Inc. is a privately held medical device company focused on developing and commercializing devices which close the vascular access site. Cardiva’s first product, the Boomerang™ Wire System, was approved in EU countries and in the U.S. in 2004. Cardiva’s second-generation product, the Boomerang Catalyst™ System launched in July 2007. This product uniquely provides the control to achieve rapid hemostasis with early patient ambulation, eliminate implant-related complications and allow immediate re-access. The enhanced Boomerang Catalyst™, trade named as “Boomerang Catalyst™ II System” received 510(K) clearance in September 2007 and launched in January 2008.
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GlycoMimetics, Inc.
GlycoMimetics, Inc. ("GMI") capitalizes and builds on advances in the field of glycobiology by developing small molecule drugs that mimic the action of carbohydrates. The initial focus is on therapeutics to treat inflammatory diseases and cancer. GMI acquired the assets of GlycoTech and builds upon a platform technology for designing and screening carbohydrate mimics. The technology was developed through collaboration between GlyoTech and Ciba-Geigy (later Novartis). GMI owns or has exclusive licenses to fifteen issued U.S. patents. The company’s two lead drug candidates are in pre-clinical development.
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IDEV Technologies, Inc.
IDEV Technologies, Inc. (“IDEV”) is an innovator and developer of next generation medical devices for use in the interventional radiology, vascular surgery, and cardiology device marketplace. IDEV is based in Houston, Texas and its current portfolio contains over thirty technologies exclusively licensed from the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, representing over a $5 billion market opportunity worldwide. The current focus is on the successful commercialization of a novel interwoven nitinol design of the SUPERA™ stent for use in hepatic biliary disease.
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InSite Vision, Inc. (INSV.OB)
InSite Vision, Inc. (“ISV”) (INSV.OB) develops novel topical anti-infective products for eyes and ears, including AzaSite® (azithromycin ophthalmic solution) 1% which was launched in the U.S. by Inspire Pharmaceuticals, Inc. for the topical treatment of bacterial conjunctivitis (pink eye). ISV is pursuing the expansion of its portfolio of anti-infective ophthalmic products to include ISV-502 (AzaSite Plus™) in Phase III pivotal trials as a product candidate directed at treating eye and eyelid infections and inflammation, currently an unmet need. In addition, ISV is evaluating the use of its product platform for ear infections with the product candidate, AzaSite Otic™ in preclinical development. The company is also developing AzaSite Xtra, a product designed to assist in penetrating international markets.
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Intersect ENT, Inc.
Intersect ENT, Inc. is a medical device company that is pioneering novel therapies for Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) physicians to utilize in providing improved treatment for their patients. Their initial product is a therapeutic device for patients with Chronic Sinusitis, one of the most common chronic conditions affecting one out of seven adults in the United States. Chronic Sinusitis causes debilitating symptoms and has a greater impact on quality of life than congestive heart failure or chronic back pain. Through a combination of internal talent, plus input from leading physicians, Intersect ENT plans to continue developing novel new products for the ENT community from the application of its proprietary platform technology.
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LDR Spine USA, Inc.
LDR Spine USA, Inc. (“LDR”) is a privately held orthopedic spine company with a full line of spinal implant devices. Managed by an executive team that spun-out of Centerpulse Orthopedics, the company is a joint venture with LDR Medical, a French venture backed company with strong spinal product design expertise. The core group of LDR Medical has been together for fifteen years and previously designed the ProDisc™ (a first generation lumbar disc implant). To build upon the success of the ProDisc™, LDR developed a second generation artificial disc technology resulting in creation of the Mobidisc® and Mobi-C®.                                                                   
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Mirna Therapeutics, Inc.
Mirna Therapeutics, Inc. (Mirna) is a discovery-stage biotechnology research and development company focused on miRNA-directed oncology therapies. Featuring world-class research capabilities, a strong understanding of miRNA and cancer biology, and a broad IP portfolio, Mirna Therapeutics is well-positioned to capitalize on the emerging field of miRNA-based therapeutics.
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On-X Life Technologies, Inc.
On-X Life Technologies, Inc. ("On-X LTI") is the world leader in pyrolytic carbon technology, with emphasis on prosthetic devices. In addition to their own product lines, On-X LTI helps other medical device companies develop and manufacture products that incorporate On-X® carbon, their proprietary pure pyrolytic carbon. On-X® carbon is the first major advance in pyrolytic carbons in over 30 years. On-X LTI designed and manufactures the On-X® Prosthetic Heart Valve, the most advanced prosthetic heart valve available. With its innovative features, the On-X® valve provides maximum patient benefits
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Ortho Kinematics, Inc.
Ortho Kinematics, Inc. is a functional diagnostics company created to capitalize on the shortage of diagnostic information surrounding spine procedures. Furthermore, Ortho Kinematics will be well positioned in the new healthcare environment of cost reduction by payers who desire more information surrounding medical device efficacy and matching the most appropriate procedure for the right patient to ensure the best outcome. The company was a recipient of a $1.5 million State of Texas Emerging Technology Fund Award, which will further help the company commercialize its products.
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OsteoBiologics, Inc.
OsteoBiologics, Inc. ("OBI"), acquired by Smith & Nephew, develops and manufactures bioabsorbable polymeric scaffolds, films, and related instrumentation for the repair and replacement of bone, soft tissue and articular cartilage. OBI's primary product marketed, TruFit™ CB, is a one-step arthroscopic procedure for repairing bone and articular cartilage defects.
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Tryton Medical, Inc.
Tryton Medical, Inc. is the leading developer of stents that are designed to definitively treat bifurcation lesions. 540,000 bifurcation coronary lesions are sub-optimally treated every year with a variety of time consuming and technically challenging procedures. No optimized solution exists for treating bifurcation lesions. As a result, cardiologists are forced to use a provisional strategy which avoids the deployment of a second stent – leaving the un-stented side branch vulnerable to thrombosis and restenosis. The ability to definitively treat bifurcation lesions will enable PCI-stenting to become the new standard of care for the treatment of left main coronary artery disease rather than bypass surgery. 
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ZIOPHARM Oncology, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZIOP) is a biopharmaceutical company engaged in the development and commercialization of a diverse, risk-sensitive portfolio of in-licensed cancer drugs to address unmet medical needs. The company applies new insights from molecular and cancer biology to understand the efficacy and safety limitations of approved and developmental cancer therapies and identifies proprietary and related molecules for better patient treatment.
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